Style and Substance: Why Not Both?

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Stop Choosing One After the Other—Be the Best of Both Worlds!

Ever heard ‘style over substance’? The term itself is widely used to describe fashion items that look amazing, but feels… way, way less than amazing. We’re pretty sure one or two items popped up on your mind.

In a world of ever-growing fashion needs and trends, there are hundreds of options available at your audience’s disposal everyday. Are they the type to go for things that look nice and visually pleasing, disregarding wearability and comfort entirely? Or are they the type to go for comfort and ease, simply no care about whether the piece wears their look down instead?

As a brand owner, these questions are common and very much needed to fill in the gaps of your market research.

Here’s the true catch, though: would your brand be sustainable long-term if you were to produce only one quality over the other? Everything has a market, and some brands are lucky enough to do so, sure. But why risk it all when you can have both style and substance?

Shirtual’s customization services provide you with an abundance of color and material options. Want an item to be a certain thickness? Sure. Want an item to be a specific color that compliments specific skintones? Absolutely doable. Our Cut n Sew service also lets you craft an entirely new piece down to its shape and form.

We want to make sure that your products reflect the quality of your brand.

Starting something new can be daunting. However, unfamiliarity with materials, cuts, or process shouldn’t stop your brand from fulfilling its potentials. Schedule a call for a free consultation, or simply visit our showroom to take a good look at what you have in store for your brand.


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