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Going and Growing International as a Clothing Brand

Alright, your brand’s growing, sales are off the roof, your audience sticks around looking for updates… Congratulations! You’ve earned your place in the hearts of our Singaporean market!

What’s next?

Expanding to the international market is definitely on the table, but, of course, any move to play in a bigger pond comes with bigger risks. competition, market adaptation, logistics and distribution are some of many.

However, you know what they say: the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Here are some benefits of growing your clothing brand across the globe:

  1. Increased Revenue
    Penetrating a completely uncharted territory allows your brand to access a larger customer base, building a stronger presence, which will ultimately increase brand recognition and awareness.
  1. Diversification
    Brands can reduce risks associated with economic and political instability by reducing dependency on one singular market. Having multiple markets available means having multiple sources of revenue.
  1. Bigger scale
    Learning and adapting to different markets spark creativity in innovation. This, in turn, will be able to help your brand grow in exploration, as well as production methods. You may even be able to achieve production and logistics cost efficiencies, therefore streamlining your supply chain management.

So… is going international worth the risk? Well, while we’re sure you’re the one who knows your business best, we’re also here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible to achieve success internationally. There’s nowhere in the world that isn’t accessible with the level of current technology.

If you’re on board with taking your brand one step forward, just know that we’d be glad to be of assistance! Shirtual takes pride in providing the best international storage, packing, and shipping services for your brand. You can sit back, relax, and have your products travel all around the globe with us.


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