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Starting your own brand and growing your business may be the dream of many, but few will see it through completion. We’re sure you’ve got plenty of visions and questions regarding how to start, what to look for, who to hire, and many other things.

Let’s break big ideas down into feasible, actionable steps!

  1. Know Your Why’s
    What’s the core of the brand? Why did you choose certain aesthetics, methods, or even imageries? What are you trying to convey, who are you trying to appeal? If you’re having questions about what to prepare to get your foot in the door, feel free to check our Brand vs Branding article.
  1. Book a Call
    We know the journey can be quite tough and overwhelming—but worry not! We’re here to walk with you throughout the way. Talk to a Shirtual representative about your ideas, and we’d be happy to help. Oh, did we mention that a consultation call is free of charge?
  1. Craft Your Product
    When you see yourself building the brand, what comes to mind? What kind of clothing would you want to see more in the market, or on people? Any specific materials, cuts, or types of apparel? With endless choices of colors, types of prints, and material, let’s make your dream apparels come true.
  1. Market Your Brand
    One of the most effective ways to grow your audience is by, first and foremost, letting people know that your brand exists. Build a social media presence, create a certain idea of what a life with your products would look like. Let people interact and associate with your brand.
  1. Start Selling
    After all is said and done, it’s time for the Next Big Thing: actually selling your products. Put them up on your website or on online marketplaces, start advertising them through different tunnels, assure their quality, pack them accordingly, and ship them away! Psst, just so you know, Shirtual can also do your storage, packing, and shipping for you.

We’re excited to be a part of your brand’s journey. Ready to elevate your apparel brand and be the next fashion mogul? Book your free consultation call today!


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